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  1. Fundraising money for animal shelter.Please help

    The costs are to large for the association itself,so we are forsed to ask for your help.We need to raise money for our veterierian debths(they are to high almost now),for sterilizations,and for food for our cats and dogs in our shelter.We really need your help.Yu can follow us on facebook page to see how we are helping dogs from the street,and make them happy.

    Fb- ...
  2. Support Casablanca's spécial needs animals

    welcome Help to raise awareness for the rescue and adoption of special needs animals.

    Here you can directly and in one click

    OUR MONTHLY NEEDS OF FOOD ARE 1800 € per month for our cats and dogs, without you we can not do it

    Everyone contributes the amount he wants.All payments are secure.Thank you all!
  3. Looking for a rabbit sitter

    Is there anyone living in Dublin Ireland that would be able to take care of a bunny? The cage, food, water etc will be provided.
    It’s for the whole summer from the 17 of June until the 23 of August.
    For more details text me ❤️
    Picture of my bunny:
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  4. Best Flea & Tick Treatment For Your Dog in chewable, topical and collars

    Topical Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs
    The topical treatment includes shampoo, powders and spot-on solutions that provide immediate relief by killing or preventing fleas and ticks. Mainly, spot-on are oil-based treatments that don’t require your dog to intake those tablets nor have you to inject them. All you need to do is target the area on your pet’s shoulder or back and apply the spot-on treatment. These are the three prevailing spot-on treatments you can choose from:
    Revolution, ...
  5. survey on Pitbulls


    We are a group of students studying at MIT Sloan School. As part of our course we are doing a project on understanding perception issues around PitBulls

    We are aware that PitBUlls are the largest number of dogs in shelters and least likely to be adopted since they are considered to be hostile. We are trying to put together a strategy to change public opinion.

    Can you pls try to answer questions in the attached form. If you have PitBull as a pet ...
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