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  1. cuttest pekingese puppy i ever seen

  2. Using Reiki to Help Dogs Heal


    I am now a level 2 reiki practitioner and with my focus being on helping animals, I have just written a post on my blog about how reiki can help dogs overcome many things. I have worked with many dogs already and each time the reiki seems to amaze me in different ways. It helps on so many levels, encompassing mental, emotional and physical.

    During my reiki journey I have found sometimes animals can be healed with a single session, others may take ...
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  3. Things to know about your dog before training

    Everybody loves dogs and wants to have them in their family. But having a dog is a big responsibility and we needs to train them. From the first day we needs to start training your dog. Before starting to train your dog you needs to know him well. It includes your dog's needs, his behavior and even his mood. If you clearly know the world of your dog then you will be able to train him perfectly. Also knowing him will improves the bond between you and your dog. You needs to understand your dogs strength ...
  4. Turmeric for horses everything you need to know

    The use of natural medicines for curing health problems is now replaced with the introduction of artificial medicines. Nowadays people rely mostly on artificially made medicines for the quick recovery and rapid relief. But this is not good because the sometimes power of natural medicines will be four times that of the man made medicines and also artificial ones can create side effects which we have to be mostly aware off. So we have to go more natural than man made ones and one of the best naturally ...
  5. What is known about never Aserfal ?

    About Aserfal never never Aserfal is a type of medium-sized cats that live in Africa, shared his recipes with
    Cheetah ( cheetah ) and believes that the cheetah descended from ancestors never Aserfal as the DNA analysis
    Nuclear proved that he is also close to the African golden cat and lynx , and will talk about more about this
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