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  1. Looking for a rabbit sitter

    Is there anyone living in Dublin Ireland that would be able to take care of a bunny? The cage, food, water etc will be provided.
    It’s for the whole summer from the 17 of June until the 23 of August.
    For more details text me ❤️
    Picture of my bunny:
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  2. Best Flea & Tick Treatment For Your Dog in chewable, topical and collars

    Topical Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs
    The topical treatment includes shampoo, powders and spot-on solutions that provide immediate relief by killing or preventing fleas and ticks. Mainly, spot-on are oil-based treatments that don’t require your dog to intake those tablets nor have you to inject them. All you need to do is target the area on your pet’s shoulder or back and apply the spot-on treatment. These are the three prevailing spot-on treatments you can choose from:
    Revolution, ...
  3. survey on Pitbulls


    We are a group of students studying at MIT Sloan School. As part of our course we are doing a project on understanding perception issues around PitBulls

    We are aware that PitBUlls are the largest number of dogs in shelters and least likely to be adopted since they are considered to be hostile. We are trying to put together a strategy to change public opinion.

    Can you pls try to answer questions in the attached form. If you have PitBull as a pet ...
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  4. What Poms Are, Most Likely, Reacting To

    You are thinking to own a cute teacup Pomeranian puppy, but you are not sure of that from where to buy it? Here is your perfect answer. The Family Poms are the famous and popular for their services. Trusted by many dog owners. they have a huge collections of teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale.The thing to remember, is that in the event that you are home and your Pom is apparently seeing something, appears to fear a spot where there is nothing or is yapping at something imperceptible, that the dividers ...

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  5. Is Dog Food All that You Need to Ensure the Wellness of Your Ageing Dog

    Ageing is a part of lifecycle. Despite this, many pet parents abandon their pets once they reach a certain age and are no longer lively and cheerful like they once used to be. If the thought itself is hateful to you, you probably love your pet a lot and would do all that is within your reach to ensure that your loved one stays healthy and comfortable. One of the most important questions in this regard is- Is wellness dog food all that you need for your old dog or is there more to it?
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