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  1. Life of the little rottie named roki

    The blog is about the little Rottweiler puppy, Roki. It tells about his journey from Estonia to Finland to his new home.
    The blog is written from his point of view so you could identify to his life.
    You can read about his journey here:
  2. EFFORT AND REWARD - Rehabilitation of a lame pet

    I would love to share a personal story of how we rehabilitated our Daschund after she went lame in December 2013. Please view my blog for details
    We aere extremely blessed with the continued joy shared between ourselves and Zula.
  3. Do I need to put my free range Ducks away for the winter?

    I have four large free range ducks. We have about a 1 acre pond they live on. Does anyone know if we need to put them away for the winter because the pond freezes over? I just feel bad locking them away because they just love the pond. But we are concerned about other animals getting to them if they can not swim away.- Thank you!
  4. Pyometra in the Female Dog

    Any unspayed female dog is at risk from Pyometra. Pyometra is an infection/inflammation of the womb, and is life-threatening. The womb fills with pus, can rupture, and infection can spread to the bloodstream, even affecting kidney function. If Pyometra is suspected, it requires emergency treatment.

    Symptoms and signs of Pyometra

    The symptoms can come on suddenly. A normal, healthy dog with a good appetite, may suddenly refuse food for no obvious reason, or may become ...
  5. «The Taming of the Shrew» or how the Bengal Cat gets to Us

    «My house… the cat declares
    And spreads his golden fleece upon the chairs »
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    - Mooom! Mom, there’s a caged leopard, says the six-year old pulling at his mother’s arm.
    - No darling, this is an exhibition of domestic cats. There are no wild animals as there would in a zoo.
    - But there is!!! A small one… a leopard… it probably ate too little porridge. The mom and boy approached the ...

    Updated 10-14-2015 at 04:53 AM by OlgaCat

    The Bengal cat
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