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  1. 30 Amazing Animal Facts


    As my journey with animals continues, I'm finding animals are so much more amazing than we often give them credit for. Emotionally, physically and mentally they are way above what we think of them, and in some cases the things they can do are incredible. Take for example snails, who can sleep for 3 years! Now that's something I'd like to try ;)

    So I decided to collate 30 of my favourite animal facts together in a blog post and the result is ...
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  2. Aid For Lemurs

    Hey Everyone! My friends, Diyana Azlan and Danielle Cook are organizing a service project called Aid For Lemurs!
    Aid for Lemurs is a service project aimed at raising funds for lemurs, a highly endangered species of primates native to Madagascar.
    The foundations of our project are our belief in:
    - the positive future of humans' relationship with the environment
- our own ability to be a force for change amidst an evolving global society
- the importance of lemurs ...
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  3. An Inspired Weekend with the Trust Technique


    You probably haven't heard about the Trust Technique as it is a relatively new form of therapy healing for animals, but I'm sure if you tried it you would be amazed. In June I was lucky to get the chance to learn it in the beautiful surroundings of Mane Chance Sanctuary in Surrey. The course if taught by James French who developed the system himself and now uses it on the horses, and any other animal his clients ask him to!

    If you visit [url][/url] ...
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  4. Ryzhik is chilling


    The little one is doing well after the surgery!
    She's enjoying the affection we're giving her.
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  5. I am new to this & need people's help & advice

    Hello, I am a 23 year old student, I have a lab shepard mix named Ladybug, and two tabby cats one male Tigger & one female Naya. Last night Tigger started acting strange and was moving slowly then he started letting out this painful cries I got scared and made an emergency vet trip, they said they think it is a urine blockage and will run more tests, as of now he has a catheter hooked up too him and they are draining his bladder. They said he will need a surgery to prevent this from happening ...
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