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  1. Tobi's Avatar
    I feel for you. I know Border Collies. They have my utmost love, humour and respect, but they are hard work as "pets".
    Naturally these are working dogs. They are outside types, who could easily run for hours, then eat, have a quick rest, and run for hours again. They have tremendous stamina. Besides that, they can become very unbalanced if they don't get the correct mental stimulus, as they are highly intelligent.
    Unless someone knows exactly what they need and can provide it, they do not make very good "pets", although they are the most wonderful dogs with deeply loyal and loving characters.
    If a Border Collie doesn't have a misson -i.e. some constructive work to do on a general basis, and doesn't have good (kindly but firm) discipline, he/she can run amok.

    You need to talk to a farmer who works with them. But it would be important to find the right person of course. Some farmers train up their dogs for good work, yet treat them like farm equipment.
    I don't there a specific Border Collie forum?
  2. LPC's Avatar
    to the forum! You have created a blog, but in general if you seek the advice and companionship of other members it would be better to start a thread on the forum. That is more likely to attract their attention.

    I suggest that you go to the dog section of the forum - perhaps dog chat or dog behaviour - and start a thread there. To save time, you could copy the text you have written here and paste it into your thread.

    Border collies are very energetic and intelligent dogs. They need good training and lots of exercise. The fact that your Poppy is still young makes those issues even more important.

    Probably taking her to work with you might help her to socialise with other dogs (has she been neutered, by the way?). Are there exercise facilities at the place where you work?

    There are other issues - the fencing, etc. I will reply in more detail when you have started a new thread in the dog section of the forum.

    Also, please also start a new thread in the introductions section and tell members all about yourself and Poppy.
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