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Blog Comments

  1. Lurcher's Avatar
    Thanks Tobi. Yes her lump doesn't seem to bother her, and the vet says it is nothing to worry about. I must admit I haven't tried anymore reiki on her lump as it has become one of those things that you just get so used to you forget it's there! I will endevour to try again though. I'm also offering reiki for horses and cats, indeed any animal. It can be sent remotely too, so if anyone has a pet that needs some reiki I would be glad to do some free of charge for you guys. It's good practice and the feedback would help.
  2. Tobi's Avatar
    I was just reading on your blog about the reiki healing you do for dogs. Your approach is great. Dogs must love what you do for them.

    I also hope your dog (who had the lump) is doing well.
    Blessings to you and doggies.
  3. Lurcher's Avatar
    Hi LPC, thanks for the comment. There is a brief case history in the actual article I linked to above. I also did some on one of my dogs who had a large lump on her side. The next day it was half the size!
  4. LPC's Avatar
    How fascinating, Lurcher! I have no experience in this area at all, but would love to read about any cases you may already have dealt with since qualifying.
  5. Tobi's Avatar
    This is wonderful. I had not heard of this before, so thank you Lurcher. I wish you well for any work you do with animals in the future. Thank you too for your blog link. I have bookmarked it, because there is so much good stuff there to read!
  6. Lurcher's Avatar
    Thanks, I will write about something that happened when I was offering the trust technique to a shetland pony, when I get chance ;)
  7. mariarheateddy's Avatar
    I will look forward also it's kinda interesting..
  8. Lurcher's Avatar
    [QUOTE=LPC;bt1624]Fascinating, Lurcher! I look forward to reading the "interesting experiences" you mention.[/QUOTE]

    Thanks, stay tuned for more!
  9. LPC's Avatar
    Fascinating, Lurcher! I look forward to reading the "interesting experiences" you mention.
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