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  1. What is known about never Aserfal ?

    About Aserfal never never Aserfal is a type of medium-sized cats that live in Africa, shared his recipes with
    Cheetah ( cheetah ) and believes that the cheetah descended from ancestors never Aserfal as the DNA analysis
    Nuclear proved that he is also close to the African golden cat and lynx , and will talk about more about this
  2. Would you like to be heard on my BLOG?

    I am looking for volunteers interested in sharing inspirational stories about their pets, animals, healers, heroes, & friends. Specifically experiences that provide insight into the ways animals enrich human lives. My blog focuses on inspiring humanity towards a world attuned to animal awareness, sentience, and compassion.


    contact me
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  3. My animals

    Hello, I come from Italy. I have found this site because I have had and I have a animals. I'm here also to study English and maybe you help me and correct my text. In 2007 I had two budgerigas: Fiamma and Tramonto. Fiamma was white and Tramonto violet. I was sick and my friend has she gave me two fish: Cocco and Drilli.Than I had a hamster that when I take in hand and I felt besser. I think the pet-terapy is extraordinary. When I had must left home I had dwarf rabbit and I went with him in a bag. ...
  4. Hello Everyone

    by , 02-27-2016 at 10:25 PM (Conservation actually supports poaching in a certain way)
    Hello Everyone, my name is Jr. and I love animals so much.
    I have a supreme, vast knowledge about animals.
    First, I only had a few friends to share it with, my 3yr old horse, 3yr old dog, and my 11 yr old tortoise.
    thank you for allowing me to express myself.
  5. What is the name of this animal?

    This appeared in a summer house in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Near the Sierra Fria. Any ideas of what it is?
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