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01-03-2006, 03:53 PM

Lately I've been reading about cruelty to wild animals in circuses across the world and many websites point out the investigations into the Ringling Circus company and how badly this circus treats their animals. I've seen horrendous videos of their elephants being 'trained' which have enclined me to find out more about what is being done to prevent this. In particluar the site www.circuses.com features videos and information on the Ringling Circus, and even shows some of the tools used by elephant trainers. I found the information very shocking.

What I would like to know now is what is currently being done about these issues in particular, if anything at all. Especially after visiting www.ringling.com and reading the article:


I don't know what to believe after reading this, although it looks like a disgusting cover up of an awful truth!

01-03-2006, 03:54 PM
Oh and by the way I know that this is probably old news but still I would appreciate any information as to what's being done, thanks

01-03-2006, 07:26 PM
Unfortunatly too often things are not done in the cases of animals in this type of situation and I myself have seen animals injured and unattentded to at circuses, however, anything coming from a Peta site should be taken with a grain of salt, remember this is the group that was killing cats by the hundreds to help 'clean out' shelters, claiming they were adopting them, and have been quoted stateing all Pitbulls should be destroyed that there is no purpose to their existance except to kill.

So unfortunatly dispite what you see, it maybe an idea to think about what you see. How old is this footage, how reputable is the company, whos to say this is the circus company they claim to be. Always question and look into the facts and the situation before trying to run head long in and help, too many people try to help and make it worse, and when Peta is involved it happens in a large scale.

Beware of what you seeing, sometimes sight is decieving, espically on the net.