View Full Version : Frost bite?

12-24-2005, 08:21 AM
I have a 6 month old beagle (really big for his breed) and he has lately been recovering from a injury in his paw. He's gotten really fat because of lack of activity but now its winter and i dont know if i should take him out. How long would be too long in the cold canada snow? is it possible for them to get a frost bite? what does a frost bite look like? what can a frost bite do?

12-24-2005, 09:30 AM
for him to have gotten fat ~ although i know the breed are prone to weight gain ~ he must have been inactive for a little while.
what happened to his paw for this amount of inactivity? and how long has it been since he last went out for a walk??
mikie sell trainer type boots here in the uk which just velcro up so maybe this might be an option for him and as hes put on weight dont expect him to be able to cope with a long walk just yet.
frost bite depends on how long the skin is exposed to the very low temperature and at the very worst you will end up with black dead toes that have no feeling at all and come away from the foot.
which of course your dog will not be exposed to the cold for that long i believe it causes something called ice burn which my brother gave to him self as a bet ~the idiot! ~ with a block of ice and it looked like a burn. but again your dog shouldnt be outside long enough for this to occur and if its likely then i would consider investing in 4boots anyway.

12-24-2005, 11:18 AM
Forst Bite turns up like a blue of theskin, and takes sometime to develop on paws, a dogs pads are very tough. The one dog we rescued who had frost bite it was on her belly and not her paws. There are some great boots by Mutt Lucks out there that your local feed store or Walmart will carry, in fact just about any large department or pet store. Make sure you measure your dogspaw while standing to get the right size, and walk away, nothing better then going for a fun filled walk in a Canadian winter, I've seen lots of them, and my dogs love the snow and have never seen frost bite for being out too long, more worry about salt that can irritate paws, make sure they're well cleaned when ever you do go out on salted roads.