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12-14-2005, 04:27 PM
Hello Everyone
I am sure this is not the correct forum, but I am looking for
help for some horses that stand out in a -3 to -5 degree temps
with very very poor shelter from what I can see they do not have
a water tank, they eat snow for water and I am sure are never
grained and judging from their bellies are loaded with worms.
this person has been reported for animal cruelty on many seperate
occasions in the past the state police have paid him visits, 2 winters ago some of the people in the area stopped along the road (the horses are pastured there) and threw hay from the road for these poor horses
and the only thing the owner did was place a no trespassing sign
up as he was mad people had given his horses hay and callled the state
police on them for trespassing.
This is a very rural area, so sometimes getting officals to act
on animal cruelty is very very difficult. But when the local people stop
and THROW THEIR HAY FOR THESE POOR HORSES TO EAT!!! This tells you how bad things are. In the summer when it is easy to care for the horses they have hay and water. But when it comes winter I do not see a tank or electric line stretched out to keep water infront of the horses also their shelter is open on all sides so I do not understand how that protects them from the wind. To call the local authorities is a waste of time. And as he still has the horses I do not see how calling the state police has done any good at all. WHERE DO YOU GO TO PROTECT THE POOR HORSES???? Does anyone have any suggestions as who I can call to have them investigate this so these poor
horses do not suffer another terrible winter again this year?
The local animal control person is appointed and only works a few hours a week and to be honest he will do nothing, (HE HAS TAKEN NO ACTION IN THE PAST). When they send a state trooper he will be the first one to admit he knows nothing about horses, so nothing generally happens. There is no county agency and I have not been able to find a state agency yet. What would really help is someone who knew horses from an animal sanctuary to evaluate the horses living conditions and the horses themselves. We have 6 inches of snow on the ground and the winds howls and the wind chill factor here is maybe -10 or -15. IT is hard to watch these horses in these conditions. I am 2 1/2 hours from NYC.

12-14-2005, 10:50 PM
What about the local humane society? The SPCA? Go over the animal control officers head?

Why not post the animal control officers number here?
We'll start a campaign and we'll all start calling and demand somethig get done.

12-15-2005, 02:11 AM
In NYS there is no requirement that horses have shelter. However there is a requirement that they be fed and watered within ia 24 hour period. The problem is that there has to be a reliable witness who can testify that during that period no food or water was given (this means being able to state that you 'watched' them for that long and swear that this is true) Since this is difficult to do you can ask a veterinarian to view them and to state that they are emaciated or wormy or just in need of veterinary care. If veterinary care is not then provided you can make a complaint to the NYS Police (this complaint must be signed by the complainant) and the Police MUST investigate the complaint and seize the animals if necessary to provide veterinary care.

I would suggest that you call the NYS Police Headquarters in Albany and ask to speak to the Trooper in charge of Animal Cruelty so that she can help you do what is necessary. They offer a course in Enforcement of the Agriculture and Market Laws to the officers and so have expertise in these matters.

BTW - What town in Schoharie County is this located in? In Cobleskill there is an Ag College and their professors may be able to help you.