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12-03-2005, 12:57 PM
Please read, make calls and share with others!!! Thank you!
United Illuminating, a large power company in Connecticut, continue it's plans
to remove over 100 Quaker parakeet nests
in West Haven, Milford, Stratford, and Bridgeport, CT and to kill all the

An average nest has 20-30 inhabitants, so 2000-3000 of the beautiful little
green parrots will be killed if they are not stopped.
They have already killed hundreds of birds, and they are sending out 2-3 crews
per night to continue the process.

The birds have been building nests on power lines and transformers, and the
concern is that this can cause fires.
They report that there have been two transformer fires over the 30 years these
birds have been here. They have not
released information on how many fires have been caused by other means, such as
squirrels, and automobile crashes into

They have worked with CT Audubon to find humane ways to deal with the problem,
but reportedly have not found any.
Again, the results of their research have not been made public. CT Audubon,
which has no recent experience with parrots
since the last parrot native to the U.S. died in 1914, has not been in contact
with the Connecticut Association for Aviculture,
the largest parrot organization in the State of CT, the Quaker Parrot Society,
or any other knowledgeable sources about
parrot behavior, as far as we are aware, to try to work out a solution to this
problem. Since parrot behavior differs substantially
from that of other birds, this might have helped alleviate the problem.

The CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the USDA have also
endorsed UI's plan. The USDA is actually
responsible for killing the birds and is using taxpayer dollars to assist a
private for-profit company. Power companies in other
states, such as NJ (PSE&G), are coordinating with parrot groups and attempting
to solve this problem rather than authorizing
wholesale slaughter of a species.

We lost our only native parrot, the Carolina parakeet, almost a century ago. We
finally have another parrot species establishing
itself in this country which has not negatively impacted on "native" bird
species, yet private industry, in conjunction with state
and federal government, seems bound and determined to exterminate this one as
well. They argue that these are non-native
species, so they have no protection under the law and should be removed. I
guess, with this theory, all non-Native Americans
should also leave!

Rescue groups have offered to remove the birds and take them out of state, since
they are not legal to own in CT, but
CT regulations also apparently forbid removing the birds from the state. So they
can't stay because they are an
inconvenience and not worth the time to learn to live with, but they can't
legally leave, so the only alternative is to kill them!

Now that UI is aware that there are organizations with knowledge about parrots
in general and quaker parakeets in specific,
we need a moratorium on killing so we can discuss this and arrive at solutions
which will keep the population safe from fires
and blackouts, but preserve our wildlife and our humanity.

Nathaniel Woodson, Chairman of the Board and CEO
The United Illuminating Company
UIL Holdings Corporation
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