View Full Version : my dog is gettin red spots/rashes on her skin??!!!

12-01-2005, 03:20 PM
I noticed that my 5yr old golden retriever has been gettin these red spots on her belly and back. It looks like small red pots like a rash. I have a feeling that it could be the food that she has been eatin.

I noticed these red spots before but didnt think it was somethin serious so I put vasoline and it would go away. But i started to noticed it kepted coming back!!

I recently got a puppy Terrier and he has different food from my golden. So I noticed my golden has been eating the terrier's food.

Or could it be somethin she caught from the puppy Terrier, who is now about 6 months? I got him at about 6 weeks.

I washed her with the antibiotic shampoo to see if that would help. I really have a feeling that it could be the switch in food. I know the vet will put her on medicated pills but I just want to make sure if anyone else has had this problem? See if this is somethin I can take care on my own since in my area just walking into the vet's office is giong to cost u $300 :x


12-02-2005, 07:31 AM
You could try switching food. SOme dogs do have allergic reactions to certain brands. Your vet would be the only one that could tell you for sure if it's an allergic reaction.

12-06-2005, 10:16 AM
It's quite possible that it's a food allergy, but if the dogs been on the same food for a long time and has never had the bumps before, it's probably not the food.

The allergy could be from anything (if it's even an allergy - other possible problems could be present) that the dog has gotten into. The new puppy may have had some sort of external parasite or it could have gotten into the new puppies food and developed the allergy from that.

Allergy testing is something you could possibly do to find out what exactly your dog is allergic to. Testing is easily done, but may cost quite a bit. Allergy serum can then be made up after the testing to help control your dogs allergies.

A trip to the veterinary hospital will give you the best answer for your dogs problem. Your problem sounds like allergies, but a veterinarians exam will be the best bet.

Good luck and hope this helps!