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10-14-2005, 01:38 PM
This was sent to me in email - thought some of you might like to send in a story!


Do you know a heroic animal?

Do you know a heroic animal? We want their true story for our next book – Heroic Animals are SMARTER than JACK. SMARTER than JACK is an amazing series of books with true stories about smart animals contributed by people around the world. The books are sold through animal welfare charities and bookshops to raise money for animal welfare.

What’s in it for you?

* Your story could get published in a great book
* You’ll be helping animals – the SMARTER than JACK series has so far raised over NZ$200,000 for animal welfare charities around the world
* If your story is published, you will receive a complimentary copy of the book.

Plus, if we receive your story by 19 October 2005, you will go in the draw to win one of five of entertaining SMARTER than JACK books.

The deadline for heroic animal stories is 2 November 2005. The book will be published in March 2006. You can submit your story using online at http://www.smarterthanjack.com/mainsite/SubmitStory.html or by email to lisa@smarterthanjack.com.

Ideas to get you started

Heroic animals are brave, loyal and caring. Examples include animals that:

* Rescue people or other animals
* Take care of others
* Alert people to potential disasters
* Know when to get help for those in trouble
* Assist people as they go about their day-to-day lives
* Provide emotional support for people in difficult times

Here is a true story from Cats are SMARTER than JACK, part of the celebrated SMARTER than JACK book series that has now arrived in the United Kingdom.

Family cat saves man from cooking in sleep

A common black moggie cat from North Yorkshire, has become a family hero after saving a man from harm. His son, David, recalls the events that took place.

“Susie was the family cat for 19 years and had formed a special bond with my father. There were several places she liked to sleep, and one was on Dad’s bed, where she would curl up beside his feet.

One cold winter's night, my parents were using a supposedly safe electric over-blanket to keep warm. Dad was fast asleep when he was suddenly woken by Susie scrabbling at the sheets around his face. Glancing down, he was greeted by the sight of flames. A fault in the electric blanket had caused an acrylic sheet to catch fire.

The shouting woke my brother Mike, who grabbed the sheets and blankets and threw them out of the window. Meanwhile, Susie bolted downstairs and out the cat flap.

To this day, Dad maintains that Susie woke him deliberately and in doing so, prevented the situation becoming much more serious.”

Please pass this on to your colleagues, friends or family. Thanks for your support!