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09-24-2005, 03:52 AM
This is from the Best Friends website.
I have volunteered to go down there. Can any of you do the same?

September 22, 2005 : 5:36 PM ET
A volunteer makes a plea to fellow animal lovers: “We only have a week at most to save some of these desperate animals.”

Jane Garrison is a volunteer heading up the food and water program at the Lamar-Dixon shelter in Gonzales, LA. She recently posted a letter on DawnWatch, a website base for news alerts on anything relating to animals. Her letter tells of the conditions at the shelter and makes a plea for volunteers.

Dear Friends:

I have been at the hurricane scene in New Orleans for over two weeks. In this time I have organized search and rescue teams and food and water teams (for the animals on the streets). I have personally pulled hundreds of animals from rooftops, attics and houses. It has been amazing to me that these animals are still alive. I got a dog off a roof a few days ago who should have weighed 90 pounds but was down to 40 pounds from being stuck on that roof with no food and water. These animals want to live and are showing us this everyday.

Here is the problem. We still have 3,000 addresses of homes where animals are trapped. These are addresses where people have called either HSUS or LASPCA and asked for us to rescue their animals. I know that there are thousands of other homes where animals are trapped that no one called about. I know this because I have rescued hundreds of animals from homes after hearing barking that were not on our lists.

CONSIDER THIS: Amazingly we are finding that half of the homes we get into have animals still alive. With a MINIMUM of 3,000 addresses that is at least 1500 animals who are waiting behind closed doors for a loving hand to rescue them. With the current teams we have now we can only get into approximately 300 homes each day. The animals will NEVER be alive if we continue at this rate. I am begging each and every one of you to get to New Orleans to help.

It does not take a "certified disaster rescuer" to break into a house and at least provide fresh food and water (to sustain that animal until someone qualified can get them out). We only have a week at most to save some of these desperate animals. Please do your part...we are all the animals have.

Jane Garrison


While it is usually illegal to break into people's homes without their permission, many people are asking rescuers and volunteers to get food and water to these animals, and at the very least one can find a way of getting food and water in.

If you decide to go to Gonzales, food and water volunteers should report to Jane Garrison outside the volunteer food tent by barns 1 and 2. There is a 6 a.m. briefing every morning.

Large air-conditioned vehicles in which animals can be transported are still needed. But Jane's note makes it clear that anybody with transport for him or herself, who can go to houses and feed animals, regardless of being able to transport them, is needed. If you don't have your own transport, but can get yourself to Gonzales, you will be paired up at the daily 6am briefing meeting with somebody who has transport.

Louisiana SPCA Shelter established at: 9093 St. Landry Rd. Gonzales, LA 70737 225-647-0712 (This number may not be answered.)