View Full Version : Cats in Gaza - THE GAZA EVACUATION

08-25-2005, 02:58 AM
In the turmoil of Middle East politics, people on all sides consider themselves the victims of the conflict. But so are the animals,
who have no voice at all in what happens.

Last week, it was the evacuation of Israeli settlers from Gaza ... and the
cats who were left behind: house cats, street cats, cats of all kinds -- and
other pets, too. Two rescue groups in particular -- the Cat Welfare Society of Israel and the Animal Rescue Society -- are doing all they can to trap and neuter the cats and relocate them. They are pleading for help from the government, which has yet to offer anything to provide for the animals who are left behind.

The rescuers are people like Avi Kuzi, who was seen on TV displaying a
hugely swollen hand after grabbing a very upset feral kitty who was escaping from her cage. He hung on regardless, saying later that if he'd let go, they'd never have caught her again. People like him are among the true heroes of the world, and perhaps the real peacemakers, rising above personal human conflicts and disagreements to work for a cause that transcends our own species.