View Full Version : Help with Cat Injury

08-02-2005, 01:19 PM
Ok, about three weeks ago my cat came home with a small hole in his left side near shoulder, was just a tiny hole didnt think anything of it so i kept him inside for the time being, well about two weeks ago he stoped breathing and i took him to local pet doctor where he was given antibiotics and the wound was shaven and cleaned, they said there were two puncture wounds something small bit him, well two weeks later and the there is a new wound, now all three pretty big are all open and pretty nasty ive kept a bandage around him but the scabs keep falling off the wounds are pretty big now and deep you can see flesh inside, they wont close or stop bleeding, i was wondering if it was possible the cat licked a whole new wound into his side..he was on Cefadroxil for a week its out now was wondering if anyone could help before i take him back to the vet.

Here is a picture of the wound when he got back from the vet.


08-04-2005, 03:59 AM
That is a pretty nasty wound. My dog did something like that. It's important to keep it clean. You don't want maggots to get in there. I'd take him back to the vet since it's still bleeding. And yes, they can lick it and make it bigger. Did your vet not give you a colar to put on him? Ask about one when you go back.