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06-10-2005, 09:09 AM
Does anyone know a natural tranqulizer I could give my dog. If I had my way I'd want to put her in a coma so I could work with her but I don't think there's anything on the market that would do that. Here's my problem. She's 8yrs old and ever since she was born she's been a huge problem. You can't put her on a leash, you can't brush her, you can't take her to the vet much less get her near a car, when you call her she heads for the hills (I live on 5 acres, mostly desert shrubs) Over the years I've tried everything to train her but now realize that she must have been born a nut case. She's a sweet dog but you just can't do anything with her. Her mother is a Chow and her father is a ?. Because she does many things like a Coyote I'm sure her father was one. That would explain when she gets hurt she hides from me for days or weeks on end. She also perfers to live under buildings in deep burrows that she digs. Her mother had 4 pups and she was the only one when you tried to pet her she would scream out. She still does that today. You can only pet her head. Ok now that I've set the background here's my problem..... A week ago I changed her dog food because she's getting a little to fat. What a MISTAKE. She started with the runs and she's been screaming for three days. She can't stand the smell that has been deposited onto her hair so she's pulling the hair out by the mouth full. I've tried to bath her but my medical condition makes it hard to hang onto her. Finally in my last attempt she jumped up and over my shoulder taking most of my skin with her (she's a small dog, the same size of a coyote). NOT GOOD! I was hoping to find something that would calm her down so I could give her a bath and shave her butt! I've put her back on her old dog food and the runs stopped the next day. It's just that she's got the odor on the hair and she can't stand it. I can't blame her there since I can't stand it either. I've had hundreds of dogs in my life time...all rescued dogs and have never incountered this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

06-16-2005, 02:08 AM
Well, first of all, I would tell you that you never, ever change a dogs food suddenly. You have to gradually change a food, by mixing it in with your current food, little by little and slowly increasing the amount of the NEW food. If you do not you are causing your dog a lot of undue stress and stomach pain, so you can't blame her for the runs or for screaming and crying with the stomachs aches she is sure to have right now.

As for the training, it doesn't look like you have become this dogs alpha in any way. You need to go back to square one and strt training her as if she was a puppy...right from the beginning. I would suggest a puppy kindergarten class and they will teach you how to walk her properly on a leash, have her come when called, sit, stay and down to name a few commands.

It seems you do not really have a grip on things with this dog and if you care about her, I would realyl suggest going back and starting over with her to get her properly on track.

Keep us posted.

06-16-2005, 07:42 PM
I use natural approaches a lot, but from reading your post, I don't think a tranqulizer of any kind is going do the job.

I agree with Kerry. You need to become the alpha of the pack and you absolutely need to go through training classes with her. The way the situation is now, it isn't fair to either one of you. If you have trouble getting her to ride or taking her out to a class for any reason, there are trainers who will come to you.

Hopefully, once you've gotten started with her learning to listen to you, and follow some basic commands, you'll be able to get her to let you do other things with her. Perhaps just sitting still on command for the bath and/or brushing. And in time, she may even come to enjoy it! :)

Do keep us posted

06-17-2005, 03:37 PM
Gosh where do I begin .... Since both of you feel it's my fault in all of this maybe I should have written more info for you so here it goes.

Changing food: She received 1/2 can (small can) wet dog food from the Vets office mixed with her dry. This is the same dog that eats lizards, snakes, birds, rabbits and beetles. The dog food had less calories then her normal dog food and the vet said she would be fine starting out with just 1/2 can. She weighs about 45 lbs. But she also could have eaten something out in the yard that could have caused her problem.

Training: Well it's kind of hard to get her to go to a trainer if you can't load her into your auto. A year ago I had my friend who trains dogs for a living and he came out for a solid week. Do you know how many times he was able to touch her... ZERO times! She took off and we could not find her. This man has known me for years and he knows that if I can't do anything with her, nobody can.

I had the vet come out here yesterday and we gave her a medication to make her sleepy in her food. I had to hide the vet so she wouldn't run away. After about 10 minutes you could see that she was feeling the effects but then my friend from the Humane Society drove up to help and she took one look at the truck and she was gone. For the next 2.5 hrs we hunted all over this property and we couldn't find her. My friend left and the vet said to just let her be that she would take care of it herself. But, all three of us decided to put her on Prozac for a while to calm her down. Maybe next month she'll act differently.

As for, it's my fault she's crying .... well, this dog screams at the drop of a hat pin. She's always been very vocal. If you stroke her foot she will scream out like she's in pain but she's not. And no, she didn't have a stomach ache she just couldn't stand the smell. She has most of the hair pulled out already. There is nothing I can do about that.

As for, start her training from the beginning.... I guess you both feel that I haven't worked with this dog at all. I've spent the best part of 8 yrs working with her and she might learn something and retain it but it's only for a couple of days. Then we're back to square one. I would like to see either one of you try to train a dog that doesn't respond or a few days later has forgotten what she's learned. It's very difficult.

Now, a little background on myself. I've had animals all my life and prefer rescue animals. I have worked very closely with the Humane Society and Animal Control to help take care of animal. I espeically like to receive animals that are agressive and badly abused. Out of the hundreds of dogs I've taken in, only one was so badly trained to kill that I couldn't work with him. After a year, I had to put him down. All the others ended up on ranches with loving homes. So, when you say I need to take classes I can tell you that over the years I've taken many classes and they haven't been in a park or someones backyard. I've gone to Cal-poly, UC Davis and Colorado Springs University for some of the best class available.

I've long since retired from taking in animals but I haven't forgotten what I've learned. This dog, like the vet stated, might have a mental problem along being mixed with coyote. But, my friend with the Humane Society said that it's very normal for a coyote to do this. They are untrainable and nervious all the time. If caged, they pace day in and day out...

I think neither one of you have encounted a dog like this but I would have appreciated you asking more questions of me before taking the stance that it was me that did something wrong and I'm the one that needs training. I think that was very unfair of both of you. But all in all, I've learned a very good lesson. I'll ask my questions to professionals instead of on line.

Thank you for your time

06-17-2005, 08:05 PM
I'm sorry our answers came across so strongly. From your original post, we had no idea of your background, of course. And without the background, it sounds so much like a very unexperienced person. (One of those instances when the impersonal aspect of print media really glares!) I for one, and I'm sure Kerry too, tried to respond in a way to address what seemed to be the "root causes" going only on the contents of the post.

It sounds like you and your team of friends are doing all you can for this dog. And with your added information, it does sound like she has a combination of genetic problems. {{{ hugs }}} to you both.

Again, my appologies for any hurt my post caused. And I do hope you'll stick around and give us another chance.



06-17-2005, 08:43 PM
We only have to work with...what the user posts.
If the user posts that the dog is screaming when touched...we can't read minds to know that the dog "always" does this, etc. Likewise everything else said in the post...whle we may have come on "strong", it is certainly in response to what was posted. Rather than be upset about us responding .. clarification would have been more helpful. We can't guess at what a poster MEANS or the HISTORY behind everyone...we can only go by what is stated in the actual message.