View Full Version : my jacky's got poorly eyes

05-16-2005, 11:32 AM

I'm new to the chatroom and was wondering whether anyone could offer me any advice.

I have a little jack russell- JACK! he's 12 years old and the most loved little doogy in the world.

For a while now he has had weeping eyes and we took him to the vet who ran some tests and in the end just prescribed some tablets that helped clear it up... however in the last week one of his eyes has started to go all red around the outside and the fur has come away... it's different to what he had before and worse... it is also agrevated by the fact that he gets hay fever and goes pink...

Anyway we took him to the vet and he gave Jack a shot and some antibiotics and said that his eye lashes could grow inside and hopefully we'd caught it fast enough.

Has anyone ever heard of this of have a Jack that has similar problems... i was just wondering if there was anything else that we could do for him.

If anyone has any advice please get in contact.

Jack's loveley- just look at the picture below!

Thank you so much :D