View Full Version : Help Spay and Neuter in New York!

05-05-2005, 12:46 AM
Your help is needed to support a bill that would provide funding to low income families to subsidize having their animals spayed or neutered.

The law in NYS making low-income persons eligible for spay/neuter subsidies from the state is coming up for a vote soon. Please write or e-mail your support. It's essential that we get this passed. This is similar to the law in New Hampshire that gave them one of the lowest euthanasia rates in the country. Basically, it would take the Animal Population Control Fund, which is funded by a surcharge on dog license fees and open it up to low-income people. Currently it is available only to people who adopt shelter animals, and if you think about it, very few low-income people would even qualify at most shelters. This law would ensure that many more animals in New York are spayed and neutered and help to end the overpopulation problem.

The summaries of both the Senate and Assembly versions of the bill are below. You can either click on these links, or copy and past them into your browser. Aside from the fact that this law is long overdue, it can have a real impact on the population.



You can find out the contact information for your representatives by clicking the link below.