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05-01-2005, 12:54 AM
I have an 8 year old neutered male (Morris) & a 4 year old spayed female (Molly). Morris has never liked her much. He used to chase her & bite her, but now he tolerates her, just chasing occasionally. She has always been VERY submissive to him.

In July 2004, I bought a house & my boyfriend of 2 years has moved in. My cats are used to him (Morris LOVES him, Molly allows him to pet her occasionally). In December, his 6 year old spayed female (Kitty) came to live with us after living with his parents for 2 years as he worked brief contracts in different states. Before than, she had lived with him alone since birth.

My cats already think they own both of us AND the house we had been in for only 5 months before Kitty came here. My problem is Molly's extreme aggression toward her. She seeks her out to chase her & has hurt her a few times that I know of (I've heard sharp cries from Kitty). This seems to be getting worse as Molly is learning how much fun it is to terrorize another cat & Kitty's defense no longer threatens Molly at all (growls & hissing and batting paws at her). All 3 cats are declawed.

In the previous post there was a suggestion to allow cats to "work out" aggressive behavior, but I only see this escalating as Kitty becomes increasingly fearful & Molly grows increasingly powerful/victorious. :twisted: <---Molly in one year?

Removing Molly from our home is not possible & his Kitty can't go back to his parents because she was depressed without him there. Separating the 2 would be difficult as it would leave one of them in an undesirable location (one small lonely room or a large cold/dark/lonely basement).

Should I get a large kennel cage for Molly & put her in there for a day after she's mean & let her out until she's mean again? She's fast & hard to catch, so I'm sure she'll learn when to head for the out-of reach places.

Do they make remote shock collars for cats? Any other suggestions or advice? Please help!

05-04-2005, 11:45 PM
Have you read the articles about this from our website? If not, please take a moment to read some information about cat on cat aggression and how to introduce cats to each other. it might help!

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05-05-2005, 09:31 AM
Yes I have read those articles. The differences in my case:

1: These cats already know each other - Molly already knows how easy it is & how much fun it is to be mean to Kitty and Kitty already knows that she doesn't like Molly.

2: Kitty isn't a "new" cat since she's been my boyfriend's only "baby" for 6 years.

05-05-2005, 09:03 PM
I realize that they already know each other etc...but if you started back at the beginning and "introduced" them using these methods you would probably have better luck than setting them free together. In other words just because the articles say "introduce" and your cats know each other, doesn't mean that the method they are suggesting won't work for you.

The one cats aggression is probably due to the reasons provided int eh artciles...which by tackling the whole thing slowly and going back to square one you can try to eliminate.