View Full Version : Injured adopted kitten, supplements

03-18-2005, 12:33 PM
Hello. I'm new here. I recently found a 3-4 mo. old kitten who was dehydrated, hungry and injured. With food and water she has improved beyond my expectations! I took her to the vet and the injury was determined to be a bruised led muscle and knee tendons, no broken bones. She limps on this right leg, will not jump up onto things, and does not like to walk too much. The vet said it should heal in 2 weeks or longer. He said to try and keep her quite so it can heal. Her tests came back neg so she got her shots.

I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for care? Any supplements for ligament injures? I try and keep her in one room most of the time so she will rest.
P.S. She's been named Chloe.

Thanks in advance. yellow-flower