View Full Version : Fish at the beach

09-18-2011, 11:17 PM
May favorite ones are probably the ones that everyone hates. They are mostly sliver with bright yellow fins. They are no bigger than 5ins and are flat. They will surround your feet and bump up against you to get what ever is being stirred up in the sand. Once I wasn't even touching the sand and they were bumping up against my back, butt, feet, and the float trying to get something to nibble on. They can really freak you out when you don't know they are around you.

At one point some fish that were about a foot long and about the thickness of a water bottle. Came by and were circling the smaller fish making them freak and jump out of the water.

Coming to the beach I love watching all the little animals. I don't know if anyone else does that but I love being close to nature like that.

Although one year when there were jellyfish I did not like being that close to nature. They were constantly stinging me. Ouch!! They say to get vinegar or salt water to soak in so I would get a bucket of water from the ocean and stick my arm or foot or I'd have to just pour water where ever I got stung. I didn't spend too much time with nature that year.

I even love seeing the sea gulls and what ever the smaller birds are. I saw a pelican fly over this morning. In the distance I saw a fish skip out of the water 5 or 6 times over about 20ft. Oh how I love the beach.

I know dolphins are mammals but we don't have a dolphins or wild animals section so there you go