View Full Version : He was still thirsty

09-18-2011, 04:36 AM
He was still thirsty. He got up to get a drink. A feeling of uneasiness crept over him: "Is it possible that I'm afraid?" Why did his heart beat madly at each familiar sound in his room? When the clock was about to strike, the faint squeak of the rising spring made him start; so shaken he was that for several seconds afterwards he had to open his mouth to get his breath. He began to reason with himself on the possibility of his being afraid. "Shall I be afraid?" No, of course he would not be afraid, since he was resolved to see the matter through, and had duly made up his mind to fight and not to tremble. But he felt so profoundly distressed that he wondered: "Can a man be afraid in spite of himself?"

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