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09-17-2011, 10:16 AM
In 1871, following Prussia's victories, the German states were united into the German Empire, with William as the Emperor and Frederick as heir to the new German monarchy. Bismarck, now Chancellor, disliked Frederick and distrusted the liberal attitudes of the Crown Prince and Princess. Often at odds with his father's and Bismarck's policies and actions, Frederick sided with the country's liberals[38] in their opposition to the expansion of the empire's army.[39] His protests against William's rule peaked at Danzig, where at an official reception in the city he loudly denounced Bismarck's restrictions on freedom of the press.[40] Consequently, Frederick was excluded from positions of political power throughout his father's reign. Retaining his military portfolio, he continued to represent Germany and its Emperor at ceremonies, weddings, and celebrations, such as Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887.[41] The Crown Prince also became involved in many public works projects, such as the establishment of schools and churches in the area of Bornst├Ądt near Potsdam.[42][43] To assist his father's effort to turn Berlin, the capital city, into a great cultural centre, he was appointed Protector of Public Museums; it was largely due to Frederick that considerable artistic collections were acquired, housed in Berlin's new Kaiser Friedrich Museum (later known as the Bode Museum) after his death.[44]
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