View Full Version : Chickens with bald backs and butts

09-03-2011, 01:12 AM
I have 15 hens and a rooster, He is very good with his ladies but has 3-4 reds he seems to like more than the others, they are bald on their backs and butts from fequent mating. Of the 15 hens 9 are reds and the rest are various mix breeds and the rest seems to be holding up fine, the reds are younger and haven't molted yet, although I expect them to molt this early fall I think some may have stared already. anyway I want their feathers to grow back should I separate the balding chickens for a while or separate the rooster or both also I saw in a catalog an apron you can get to to help damamged hens recover their back feathers as other hens are pecking them when they are on the roost as well. do these aprons work? I did check for mites but saw nothing and its only the 3-4 reds having a problem. any help would be great. Thanks.