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Doreen farmygirl
12-30-2004, 10:17 PM
hi ,,i was once here quite awhile back with an ill rescue horse,,unfortunaltely we lost her,,but now for a couple months ive had these min horses,,they arent over 3 feet tall,,we were told they were minature horses,,but apparently there is others alot smaller,,i got them from a guy even dumber than me when it comes to horses,,lol,,they are in great shape and well mannered horses,,i love them to pieces but sure would like to know their breed,,im getting the vet down soon,, but curiousity killed the cat,,j\k,,,any info would be very much appreciated,,and also what do you think of feed,,my hubby was told alpha can be bad for their liver,,is this true,,and how about clover, ect,,,,thanks!

12-30-2004, 11:37 PM
hi all,,i wrote this as doreen farmy girl as it said doreen was taken,,but here it was me,,lol,,but anyway if someone has a reply for me please direct it to me the member,,Doreen,,im sorry the photos are so huge,,dont know what i did wrong,,if theres a way to correct it i will,,hope to hear from someone,,hope you and yours had a wonderful xmas!

12-31-2004, 08:00 AM
As for breed it is hard to say. The COULD be Miniature horses that grew to big to be allowed registration papers OR they could be the really small shetland ponies. OR they could be a cross between a shetland and a Miniture horse.

Either way they are cute.

As for feeding them. Alfalfa is NOT bad for their liver, however it should be fed in moderation. Clover is different as there are some types of colvers that are bad and some that are ok. Some clover can kill both horses and cows while other clovers are good for them to eat. Depends on the types of clover available in your area.

Ponies and Minatures horses are in general feed TO MUCH food by most owners. So most ponies and minatures are WAY to FAT. At the moment both of yourse look fine. Personally when feeding a mini or a pony I feed a good grass hay, and normally little or not grain at all. I do NOT feed a mini or pony free choice hay especially if they are on pasture. IN the winter I do increase how much they eat but again be carefule that they do not get obese. Feed the ponies by weight. If they weight 500 lbs then feed them approximately 5 lbs of hay. If they weight 700 lobs then feed them 7 lbs of hay etc. Just remember that weights are subject to change due to body condition. If a pony weights 500 lbs AND is thin then add more hay. if the pony weights 700 lbs and is extremely FAT then cut back on the feed.

At the moment it looks like what ever you are doing seems fine as they don't look to fat or to thin. But in those furry pony coats the only way to tell for sure is by feel. Make sure to feel over their back and ribs to feel for the bones. IF you can feel the back bones under the fur then they need more weight. For the Ribs you should just barely be able to feel the rib bones but not any indentations between ribs for a normal weight horse. IF you cannot feel the rib bones at all then they might be to fat. If you feel the rib bones AND all the indentions between ribs they are to skiny.

Good luck with those guys. Sorry to hear about losing your other horse.

12-31-2004, 08:06 AM
lets see, if they are 3 feet tall, convert that to inches and that would be 36 in. That would be just over the mark for them to be registered. So i'd say they are mini's but they went oversized and couldn't be resgistered.

12-31-2004, 06:44 PM
hi dunappy,,thanks for the information,,its greatly appreciated,,i dont like sounding dumb,,but knowledge is wisdom,,yes i feel them quite often,,mainly for a secure feeling,,but i notice they feel about right,,not overly fat or under weight,,im watching them very close,,i dont want anything getting by me,,they are so priceless!,,i was taking a guess at the size witchchild,,thanks for your comment,,what is the proper way to measure them,,so i can check it out,,i read somewhere you measure from the last (bottum)mane hairs to their feet,,is this accurate?if they ARE under 36 inches they can be registered? and where do you start with that?,,unfortunately my parents taught me to ask alot of questions,,so i hope im not irritating anyone,,lol,,thanks again ,,HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

01-01-2005, 07:38 AM
Hi again. we always measured our horses up to the withers. You might be able to hardship them into registration. I don't know the specifics of how you can do that though http://www.amha.org/ I would contact those people and ask about what size they have to be and about hardshipping. Let them know your situation and I'm sure they will try to help.

01-01-2005, 07:44 AM

Here that explains how to measure. :wink:

01-01-2005, 10:04 PM
thanks so much for all the helpful info,,greatly appreciated!!,,but one more question,,,,lol,,i live in canada,,do you have a canadian site by chance,,i searched but cant seem to find what im looking for,,if not ill go to town and ask around where i can start to get more local specs,,i sure am glad i found you people,,this is great,,i hope to get very educated and may get a couple more horses,,me and hubby have been talking about it,,but want to get more organized and wiser first,,lol,,,happy new year!

01-02-2005, 08:13 AM
Sorry I don't know any canadian sites.

02-18-2005, 03:51 PM
Hi Doreen.
I was reading about Mindy... then later read this post. I'm SO sorry you lost her. What happened?
Your miniatures are adorable! What part of Canada do you live in? I'm in the far east... Newfoundland :) There are several miniatures around here, most being a bit bigger then regulation size. A girl who owns two had trouble finding canadian info . She mentioned that she found some on the google search engine, under canadian sites->miniature horses/ponies.
Good luck with the little darlings. I'm hope they're doing well :)