View Full Version : Help relocating-Rural to the big city

12-19-2004, 07:48 PM
Hi, I relocated from NYC to Miami in 2001. Soon after my move, I acquired my baby, Susie. Susie is a 3yr. old poodle, that is as smart as she is beautiful and loving. Because I love my hometown and I'm extremely homesick, I've decided to go back home to NYC. I'm terrified that Susie will be unhappy in NY. Well, not so much unhappy, rather, that it might be difficult for her to get use to the big city. My main concern is that I might not be able to potty train her. Our (potty) walks pretty much consist of me opening the back door on to the yard, she goes outside, takes care of her business and she comes back in when she's had enough of the outside. In addition, she pretty much let's me know when she needs to go out, by sitting by the door. I'm afraid that when we move to NY that she might not behave in the same manner.
I'm also afraid, that she is not going to like being on a leash. Being that she is never on a leash when she handles her business, is that going to affect her bowel movement? Is the big city going to terrify my baby?

12-20-2004, 07:19 PM
Hello Elba,

What you could do is try to incorperate what she will come into contact with in NYC at home now. So that its not such a big transition. Start taking her out on the leash to potty. Once she is ok with that, take her to a place that is crowded. See how she handles that. Perhaps a park will do in that instance. Just subject her a little bit at a time and work with her. WHen you do move make sure she has her favorite toy or bed, something she loves and reminds her of home, with her.