View Full Version : Poetry of animal protection

06-12-2011, 11:50 PM
Small zoo
I saw a tiger.

I squeezed in the crowd twitter
Two iron bars across the
To the tiger cage
Look around for a long long time,
But it has not yet seen
Tiger gorgeous face
And flame-like eyes.

Tiger cage
Cowardice and despair with his back to the audience
Lying quietly in a corner,
It was stoning
He He was snapped to it
It was also hard to induce
It is Yigaibuli!

Long, thick tail
Lay it in the blowing,
Oh, the tiger, the tiger cage,
You are the dream of a gray luxuriant trees it?
Mind in pain, humiliation it?
Still want to hit with the tail whip those poor but funny the audience?

Your good leg
Stretched out stiffly to the Quartet,
I see your claws on each toe
Are all broken,
Condensation of thick blood
Your claw toe
Is being tied
Hinge alive out of it?
Or due to grief
You use the same broken teeth
(heard that your teeth are cut off the hacksaw
Chew them and the blood ... ...

I see the iron cage
Gray cement wall
There was a bloody one gully
Lightning is so harsh as bright!

I've learned ... ...
Shame to leave the zoo.

I heard a trance
Ground-breaking growl
An uninhibited soul
Went through my head
Vacated away,
I saw the flame-like stripes
Flame-like eyes,
There are huge and broken
Claw toe blood!