View Full Version : dog that does tricks

06-10-2011, 06:34 AM
I recently seen a dog at my local shop. What amazed me was that in had both paws on the counter and was buying groceries. The man behind the counter took a small note from a pouch around the dogs neck. He got what was on the order. Put the small items in the pouch, clapped the dog and it went on its way. It did the same in the butchers.
Amazed with what I saw I followed it. It approached a tenement block of houses and went it went in and up the stairs. It stopped at a door and jumped up and with its paw pressed the bell.
When the guy opened the door he started shouting at the dog. I interrupted and said "what a minute there fella, this dog has been doing some amazing stuff. Whats the problem"
He replied "Yes that may be so but its the fifth time this week he has forgot his keys" boom boom
Sorry my son told me that one LOL