View Full Version : I am a wolf

05-19-2011, 01:38 AM
Silently licking wounds to the heart
I refuse any help mercy
Fear fire more passionate

Love does not appear beautiful to me
Fate because I am a Lone Wolf
I am proud
Therefore I am mad

Moaning in the moonlight
Misty clouds pierced the seemingly International
Cold eyes
Quietly and falling
Is that
The tears had frozen thousands of years ago

I give a wry smile
I know
Only the moon can be faithful to listen to my story
I know
Only the night
Frank and straightforward in order to have my

Born rebel
Never cared expression
Bloody meat is your nature
Who can know your name

Some people say you're smart
Some people say you powerful personality
Who can be seen
Your healing presence alone

Snow fall for the mind and
Born of the lonely wind
Wolf you went too far
Who gave you the last string of bells rang