View Full Version : I'll never buy natural corn husk litter again!!

Mama Mia
12-11-2010, 10:24 AM
We have a three-year-old cat and a nine-month-old kitten. Both are totally indoor cats. We've tried a lot of different types of litter over the years. A few weeks ago, I decided to give the corn husk litter a try, since it was advertised as all-natural and more efficient. Supposedly, cat owners in a trial found it equal to or better than other types in controlling odor. Well, let me tell you, using that litter was the worst thing I've ever done in regard to my cats. We bought the Arm & Hammer brand. Yes, it did last longer, but who cares if it makes your entire house stink to high heaven?

I can't adequately express in words how awful it was. The incredibly strong odor of feces mixed with that litter hit our noses and wafted through the house in seconds! It's the kind of smell that can make you lose it, because it's resistant to every type of air cleaner we tried. Even with all the exhaust fans on in our house and windows open, the stink stuck around for at least a couple of hours. I was blaming the cats' food change, so kept experimenting, to no avail. Finally, I put two and two together, and bought some Scoop Away, which we'd used before. Two days later, and we've had absolutely no odor. I'm no longer threatening to put my kitten up for adoption. THANK GOD!! :x