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08-03-2010, 09:42 AM
Hiya, I'm new to these forums so not sure where to post!

There has been talk at work of fostering a pet in the office (well one person taking cheif care but bringing it to work every day) I would imagine this will be a dog. I've not experienced a work place with resident animals... not including occasional mice!

Does anyone have experience of this?

I've spotted a Facebook chat on Ask Jeeves page with RSPCA this Friday 6th August) I'm sure they can shed some light on this for me! More details here: http://bit.ly/clqi8Q

thanks in advance for your advice :D


08-03-2010, 09:56 AM
Welcome to the forum. There si nothing wrong with an office pet, so long as it is a well behaved one, nothing worse then walking into a buisness to the smell of dog feces or urine, or both and a barking aggressive dog. But so long as the animal is friendly, reserved and trained, I think an office pet is a great idea.

08-06-2010, 09:16 PM
what a great thought having a pet about the office i think its a great idea. Pets can melt the hardest of hearts and really influence a potential customer. A bit like pat dogs in hospitals and old peoples homes that have such a calming influence and those around them. Apparently in Paris it is very common for people to take their dogs to the office.

08-11-2010, 07:50 AM
Many offices nowadays have a more relaxed pet policy, but there's definitely a good way to go around this and a bad way. The Partnership for Animal Welfare has come up with a few tips for making Zippy's trip to the office a good one.

11-11-2010, 03:53 AM
The idea of having a office pet is also good.. remember dogs are also keen in things happening around them..

02-02-2011, 10:57 AM
Office pets are great as long as long as other office animals (humans) are all happy with the idea. I have had an office cat that a couple members did not care for even though when asked they acted indifferent. It came back to bite us on the but!

02-03-2011, 12:29 AM
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03-23-2011, 04:34 AM
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05-23-2011, 09:15 PM
:shock: i'm sorry, i have many pets, but never get a office pet! so no experience!

but you must notice : treat them as your friends ! this is the most important! :arrow: