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07-13-2010, 02:15 AM
Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is the right forum for my question, if not, then moderators: feel free to move my message to the right place. I have the following, rather unusual request:

I've recently been interested in telepathic communication with animals. I'm reading a book from my public library on the subject, with lots of practice examples, and I really would like to get better at it. I'm not looking for negative reactions on this matter from people who think that this is impossible. You are entitled to have your own opinion, but criticism isn't helping me in this case. My request is entirely voluntary and if you are not interested, or you find it ridiculous, then move on to the next topic. I believe it's possible. I myself have only recently started this and would love to practice with pets of acquaintances, only: most of my acquaintances have no pets. I practice with my two cats, but because I know them very well, I do not know that what I 'hear', 'see', or 'feel' is real, or that I just imagine it with my own logic and knowledge of them.

Therefore I'd like to practice with animals I do not know, so his/her owner can verify what I feel is correct. If you are as curious as I am, and would like to help me, would you send me a picture of your favorite pet and his/her name? A picture of the whole body of the animal would be great, but an image of just the head is o.k. too. The picture should have as little objects in it as possible, so I won't get distracted by the pet's favorite toy or anything. It would be great if your pet has unexpected or strange habits that I can not guess. Every dog likes the woods and cats like to sit near a window, but can your pet do a nice trick, or does he sleep in a weird position, I hope I can ‘see’ that. I have really just started this, so I don't know if I actually succeed in saying something meaningful about your pet. I will send you my results in a private message. I'd like an honest response to these results, even if they are not correct at all.

I will collect pictures this week and try to reply to you in the weekend. If there are too many, then I'll let you know when I'll be able to reply to you. I hope it works, because I am very curious about what (my) animals have to say ...