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10-20-2009, 02:00 AM
An innocent dog needs your help ! Please take the time to sign this petition and spread the news about Majlo, before he is unjustly KILLED by the Norwegian police !!!

Petition description:

Majlo is a sweet and gentle dog who has never harmed anyone. Still he is confiscated and ordered killed by the police of Norway, and has been held in a secret place since February 2009. His family haven't seen him since he was taken away. They are claimed for 500 dollars to see their own dog, in addition to the 250 dollars they pay each week for his imprisonment. Their crime: Not knowing that the breed was banned in Norway when they came over from Sweden, where the breed is legal.

Although the law offers banned breeds to leave the country with their owners, the police insist on Majlo being killed instead. A behaviour test on Majlo proves that his temper is very good, but it has become a question of prestige to the police to take his life. Now it is up to the court to decide Majlo's fate. Please tell them how wrong it is to kill an innocent dog and deprive a family of their beloved friend, just to make an example!

Majlo is a loving pit bull who until recently lived happily without incident with his family in Sweden. That is until Majlo's family moved to Norway unaware of the Breed Specific Laws there. Now the Norwegian police have Majlo in a cold, dark kennel and they want to kill him. The owners WON the case in court and were permitted to leave the country with their dog, but the police REFUSE to let him go ! There is to be a new trial in december, after which Majlo will be killed !!! There is a picture of Majlo on the petition. Please take a good look into his eyes, and PLEASE take a moment to sign this petition. Even better, please take a second to write to the police department. All you need to do is send in a mail with heading "FREE MAJLO", or, for more impact, personalize your message.

Here are the links: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/816719846

Police email: politidirektoratet@politiet.no Att.: Christian Budsberg Pettersen

The Minister of Justice: knut.storberget@jd.dep.no

Please also join the facebook group "Redd Amstaffen Majlo".

Thank you for caring about Majlo!!

Every signature counts - YOUR signature might make the difference between life and death for this poor dog and his family !