View Full Version : Deciding to put my dog to sleep

10-09-2009, 09:49 PM
I have a chihuaua that's about 13 years, but we are unsure of her exact age because she was a rescue puppy. We have been very lucky so far in that she has not been a typical, tempermental chihuaua. Ever since we've had her she has been very sweet and gentle. However, with her old age she is starting to become very aggressive toward our other 2 dogs, a toy poodle and a yorkie. Our poodle has several open wounds on his skin because of our chihuaua attacking him for no reason, and our yorkie is terrified to try and eat when she is in sight. Although she is not harming people at all, she is making our other dogs' lives miserable. And we also fear that she could get worse and start trying to bite people as well. I am in the deciding process on putting her to sleep so that my other 2 dogs can live a happy life, or not. When I sit down to weigh the pros and cons, it is clear that I can no longer keep her, but I know if I choose to put her to sleep that it will not be an easy trip. I love all my puppies, I just want the best for all of them.

06-19-2011, 11:57 PM
Deciding if you should put your dog to sleep is so difficult, but, it could be the best decision for your dog. These guidelines will help you decide if pet euthanasia is right for you and your dog.