View Full Version : Is this considered horse abuse/neglect?

09-29-2009, 10:18 AM
My parents are retired and live in southeastern Missouri. On the road there, back in the ’sticks’, there is a piece of land that once contained a barn and 6 horses. About a year ago, the barn burned down and the land owner did not rebuild it. Currently, the horses have no shelter, however the owner stacked up some hay underneath a tarp on the edge of the woods that the horses have access to, and there is a small pond just down the hill from that. No shelter though.

So I contacted the county sheriff’s office and spoke to an officer that told me that it wasn’t seen as neglect according to MO law, as long as the horses are watered and fed. No shelter is ok I guess. So it saddens me to see these 6 poor horses outside in EVERY element, all year long. They have been living that way for over a year now. They have no blankets on them at any time during the winter.

Doesn’t this border neglect in any way? Is there anything I can do about it, or anyone I can call (besides the last resort congressman call to change MO laws)?

Any help would be appreciated!