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08-12-2004, 08:27 AM
Hello,,i am brand new here,,and new to horses. ..though for the past year i have looked after two horses for a friend, but they were very young and healthy, all i had to do was feed them , the owner looked after the rest. my issue now is,,,i have a chance to get a beautiful 12 year old appaloosa who has been taken by animal control from her owner for neglect. ...she has like a major raw rash up her back end, the lady who has her is washing her daily and putting diaper rash creme on here, and says she doesnt want another vet bill as she has some with her other horses...so i have to have a vet look at her but before i do take her on,, i was wondering if anyone has any idea how severe this is,,and or why it got this way ,,i have a picture of her backend but dont know how to show it unless i email it to someone,,please let me know if u have any insight,,i have to decide today or tommorrow or i will lose out,,thanks

08-12-2004, 09:10 PM
Welcome to the wonderfull world of horses! The following information is just suggestions as I'm not a vet and cannot diagnose the hrose over the internet.

1. With a neglected horse who is just getting back on to proper feed, there are usually some difficulties like this.

I would suspect that the mare needs time to adjust to her new feed. In addition, she will need to have her teeth checked for proper wear and condition. And she should be given a de-wormer and routine vaccinations.

Anyway most likely the rash on the hind end is the result of excessive diaharea that should go away with proper feeding and health care.

If this were my horse, the first things I would have done are as follows:
1. a full vet check to include blood work if suggested by the vet.
2. a De worming, Dental check up and vaccinations.
3. Evaluate the horses current feeding program and make changes if necessary. Generally a horse recenly placed on Alfalfa hay may tend to have looser than normal stools which could be part of the problem. and Place the horse on a probiotic (beneficial bacteria) to help mainitain a healthy gut function.

And last I LOVE appaloosas And would love to hear more about this mare.

08-19-2004, 05:48 PM
hello there,,nice to meet ya,,and thanks for the words of wisdom,,,i will definietly take all your suggestions seriously,,im new at this but plan to be good at it too,,im doing my best to learn as much as i can,,she is a gorgeous horse, i have her home now, she has a wonderful personality, gentle like a big kitten,,,even with a sore backend,,it IS getting better, but hoping the vet is showing up tommorrow,,she will have to have surgery likely, she has a small bone pretruding from her 'chin', but im sure the vet will have a good idea why,,it feel soooo much better knowing there is help when i need it,,talk to you soon!

08-25-2004, 07:38 PM
hi dunappy,,the vet checked her out today,,he was very thorough and believes her to have an urinary track infection,,he gave her a shot of antibiotics and gave me two bottles of it to put in her feed,,now we are hoping and waiting,,cause he said if it isnt that it is something else(which i cant remember) and theres nothing that can be done,,so crossing fingers and toes here!,,HOPE ITS ALL GOING GOOD FOR YOU?

08-26-2004, 07:02 PM

I hope everything turns out ok with the mare. I've had a few rescue horses every now and then. Good luck with her. What did the vet say about the Small bone produding from the chin?

08-26-2004, 09:12 PM
he said it was a bone infusion,,sometimes the bone just kind of expoldes in grwoth, he said he can fix it quite easily,,as slong as she is going to be ok, we will schedule surgery,,he said he just breaks the extra bone off and basically sews it up,,so sounds all hopeful at least!,,what kind of probs with the rescue horses you had?

08-27-2004, 09:07 AM
Before You Schedule the mare for a surgery, you might want to consult a professional equine Dentist. as some of the protrudign bones int eh Jaw could be teeth related as well. Ther emight be other options for taking care of it.

Thinks I've had with rescues.

one time we purchased 6 foals ranging in age from 24 hours old up to 3-4 months old who all had to be weaned from their mothers because the amres were going to slaughter. We only had a limited amount of money that would have paid for one mare and foal or several foals. We opted to take in more foals and not try to save their mothers. We had to round up milking goats to feed the foals until we could get them eatting solid food.

Another Rescue Pete, was abused and was a defensive kicker so we had to watch his hind feet.

Another resuce had a baby 4 months after we got here home. Had to feed her carefully and had to wean the baby ad about 4 months to allow the mare to gain weight.

A bunch of rescues are FULL of worms. Usually have not had their teeth cared for properly, usually thin and need to gain weight. Some abused and need loving care and handeling to gain human trust again. And many other things.

I also used to work as a veterinary technician so I'm familier with tons of different ailments in horses.

08-27-2004, 09:35 AM
oh wow,,you sound like a good person to know!!,,my mindy was laying down,,the first time i seen her do that since she got here a week ago,,i didnt know if i just didnt catch her or if its any kind of positive sign,,but im looking for a glimmer of hope whereever i can get it!! i have never been so tense,,but ive never had any problems with my animals,,i have 2 pot bellied pigs, 4 pygmy goats a muscovy duck and not sure how many rabbits!,,and at the house i have a blue healer/collie and a pair of cockatiels!
i love animals,,i always dreamt as a kid to have a farm filled with animals,,i guess dreams do come true!

09-06-2004, 05:48 PM
I've been gone for a while and thought I'd just check in and see how your horse is doing.

09-06-2004, 09:53 PM
Mindy, my horse is doing very well,,,she still has some healing to do, as she apparently had the urinary tract infection a very long time, but you can easy see she is feeling better,,we also got 3 minature horses the other day,,i always dreamt having a horse,,now i have 4!!,,the smallest minature horse is only 3 months old ,,hows it going for you?,,all good i hope?