View Full Version : open sores on two of my dogs

07-25-2009, 03:23 AM
:cry: Well my Saint Bernard has an open sore on the back of both of her ears they are about 3 by 4 inch . My Golden Retriever on the other hand has one open sore on the top of her snout it is about 1 by 2 inch sore. So what do I do?I love my pups but i cant take them to the vet so does anybody have a home remidy that might work ,and if you know what could have possibly caused this ,please let me no as soon as possible.I dont want my dogs to suffer any longer . :?:

Thank You!
Love always to your family and that includes your pets!

07-29-2009, 12:57 AM
A vet would be your best bet. It could be anything from mange to ringworm to hot spots (weird place but a possibility) or something simple like a fly bite, allergies or maybe the two of them got into a scuffle with each other and they are just sores. Allergy creams will help if it's allergies, but it will only feed mange. Ringworm creams will cure it, but it'll aggravate an open sore and possibly lead to infection. Any neosporin type creams will help an open sore but won't do anything for mange or ringworm and will worsen hot spots.

You may consider calling your vet or other vets in the area. Explain the situation to them (about finances) and what's going on with the dogs (sores on the ears). Ask if they would charge you to bring them in and just have them take a look. You'll make an app if they think it needs to be seen and treated.