View Full Version : Cat w/ high temp & holding Right leg up, won't walk on i

06-26-2009, 02:59 PM
I have a 10 month old kitty that i've had for about 2 weeks now... she's had her shots and tests done. got her spayed a little over a week ago. yesterday morning i wake up to her holding her right paw up, not putting any pressure on it hopping around. when she would lay on the floor she looked slumped over. she was making moaning noises and would growl if i tried to touch her. i immediately took her to the vet thinking she somehow broke her arm. they took her temp and she had a high temp. everytime they touched her arm or right side she growled and screamed in pain. they did x-rays & nothing looked broken. they assumed she has some kind of viral infection and gave her a steroid shot and a 2 week antibiotic shot... all in all the visit cost me $215.00.... this after paying $135 for her spaying at the same vet.

she seemed to do better in yesterday afternoon after the shots, finally putting her paw down but still no pressure on it. today though she seems to be in more pain. she's back to holding the leg up constantly and growling if we touch her. she pretty much will just lay on our lap and sleep. she feels pretty hot to the touch too.

i dunno where she got this infection from, or if it was caused by the spaying the vet did. i dunno what to do about her right now..

any advice would be appreciated.