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06-21-2009, 04:30 PM
Hi Forum'ers (a word of my own invention)

This isn't really a joke. I am posting it into the humor section quite frankly against my will.
Allow me to explain.

my Girlfriend and I were discussing the rights and wrongs of animal breeding. We talked for quite some time.
eventally we arived on the inevitable topic of breading animals to pit against each other in the ultimate battle. beast vs. beast.

I would like to state at this point that I am against all forms of blood sports. especially the ones that involve our cousens girfted with flight.

we got into somewhat of a heated argument regarding who's beast was the mightiest. we talked for some time and even drew what we expected our monster'osity to look like. (again a word of my own invention)

I thought the only way to settle the argument was to post a description of the beasts onto a respectable animal based forum and count the votes for each beast. so would you please listen (or read ) the following and cast your votes for the beast that you think will win the bout. ladies and gentlemen I give you..... beast wars.

in the red corner...

and panther Lion mix. this cat'astrophe eating a maiming machine it's hard to see and fast as you like. it has sharp teeth and claws of fury. it is the size of a fully grown lion.

in the blue corner...

and elephant Rhino Mix. This horny beast is blessed with tusks a single horn a trunk and a good memory of a troubled passed to help fuel pure destruction. it is the size of a fully grown elephant.
Will it win? ell'if i know. (sorry for that terrible joke)

please cast your votes...