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04-15-2020, 03:33 PM
I have a hamster but unfortunately it drank a solution that I had been preparated to my bird threat and I am worrying because of that so do you know about that solution's side effects? also the solution include that ivermectin 5mg, propanol ep 1ml, triethanolamine 0.5 mg, dynacer vessel 7.1 mg/ml so ı wonder that dynacer vessel and what is that I will happy if you answer me thanks

04-16-2020, 06:11 AM
I am not a vet and hence cannot predict what the chemicals you mention will do to your hamster. Also, please explain what you mean by the phrase "had been preparated to my bird threat", Were you intending to kill birds with this chemical cocktail? Why were the birds a threat? Or is this a translation issue? Who prepared this mixture of chemicals, you or someone else - and for what purpose?

Hamsters have very sensitive digestive systems. I have done an internet search on the chemicals used and I would strongly recommend that you take your hamster to the vet - and quickly. Please come back to this forum and let us know how things go.

04-18-2020, 10:00 AM
thanks your answer and I wonder dynacer vessel what is this? the mixture is 10 ml but dynacer vessel 7.1 ml in it so I wonder if it is useful or not to alive can you answer me I will happy thanks

04-19-2020, 04:55 AM
I am sorry, I find it difficult to understand your last post. I do not know what a dynacer vessel is and do not see its relevance to the problem of your hamster having been given a "bird threat" mix of chemicals. More importantly, have you taken your hamster to the vet, and if so what did s/he say? That is the first priority. Every best wish to you!

04-19-2020, 10:13 AM
I took the hemstar to the vet and he say dont worry about this so the solution is mixed with water and this is a mixture about bird flea and mite it is using dripped to the bird and I wonder in its include so that
ivermectin 5mg
propanol ep 1ml
triethanolamine 0.5 mg,
dynacer vessel 7.1 mg/ml so dynacer vessel 7.1 mg/ml is cought my attention why majority of the mixture is dynacer vessel 7.1 mg/ml because all of the mixture is 10 ml already can you advise a forum page in this site to discuss this subject or do you have any idea about this? thanks so much

04-26-2020, 01:05 AM
Hi atakanwxw,

I know this is now a slightly older thread; however, since there has been decent traffic here I wanted to just share my thoughts in case anybody is reading this a bit later like myself.

Please note I am not a veterinarian. Definitely refer to the veterinarian's advice that you received over mine. Just sharing some thoughts for others who are interested in them.
Similarly to LPC I am having some difficulties in translation. I also don't know what a dynacer vessel is, so I cannot comment on that. If anybody does have any information regarding what it is, please do share.
I know very little regarding the use of propanol or triethanolamine for avian ectoparasites, and am mildly confused about this concoction. Ivermectin alone is a suitable treatment for avian ectoparasites, so I don't know why the other compounds are being used. I would certainly be interested in learning more if you were to explain why.
It is actually somewhat challenging to find Ivermectin dose rates for hamsters, and they aren't a species I've had a large amount of interaction with. Ivermectin was treated for a mite (demodecosis) at 0.3mg/kg orally , so it it would greatly depend on the concentration on how concerned you would be. https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/jvms/63/11/63_11_1245/_pdf

So, moral of the story is it is hard to know how dangerous this concoction would be. There is nothing which seems to be highly toxic to hamsters (although I haven't done extensive searching on this), and it is impossible to know the quantity of any of the medications the hamster has ingested without knowing what dilution was used. Or how much of the liquid the hamster drank.

Atakanwxw, I do hope all has gone well with your hamster! We would love an update.