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12-27-2019, 08:03 PM
Hi everybody!
I've been doing some research on dog food and health and came across a product named Buddy Custard. It's a canine wellness program that provides many benefits to both healthy dogs and ill dogs. According to the testimonials on their website it has even helped some dogs overcome illnesses like cancer as it is based on the Budwig protocol originally thought up by Dr. Johanna Budwig in the 1950s. Their website also has a page dedicated to research studies.
So all in all it keeps dogs thriving and ensures they lead long, healthy lives. My question is, has anybody on here heard of it? Have any of you used it and did your dog like it?
This is one of the bigger pet forums I've found so I figured I'd ask to see what if anything y'all think about this. Thanks!

12-28-2019, 08:04 AM
Firstly, a warm *Welcome* to the forum!

I had not heard of this particular product until now, although I have heard of other alternative treatments for dog cancers. I have researched the method you cited in your post above and it looks interesting. On the Buddy Custard website there is page entitled "Scientific Data", which gives some credibility, although whether this is rigorous enough in terms of scientific research, I cannot say. Nonetheless, some conventional treatments can be toxic and can have side effects, so all possibilities need looking at carefully.

Thank you for not attempting to give a link to the site which selling the product. This forum has a strict anti-spam policy, so you would have risked being banned if you had posted a link on your first post.

However, to help any members or visitors who might have a dog with cancer and might wish to consider this alternative, I will give a helpful page on the website:

https://www.buddycustard.com/our-story (https://www.buddycustard.com/our-story/)