View Full Version : Ferret Shows. Half rant half awesome news

Pawtastic Petz
08-05-2019, 08:25 AM
So I am 1 furious but at the time I'm really excited. Reason I'm raging right now is because of the woman who temporary had my ferrets has made it so I'm no longer welcome at the ferret shows that are local to me. By doing so she's made it impossible for me to give her an apology for annoying her.
What she's annoyed at me for is that when she had my ferrets before the lovely woman who's caring for them now is that I didn't ask for any updates or anything during the 2 weeks she had them. I was homeless and no internet or anything so I couldn't even get in touch to find out how they were, and then she's also annoyed that I got somebody else to take them on because she was gonna send them to a rescue if she couldn't find them a home within a few days. And then the fact I told my "friend" I was annoyed about the fact that my females were pregnant to her hob who was meant to be vasectomised. She then made a massive FB post trying to roast me, I didn't even bother commenting on it at the time and still haven't. And then yesterday I found out I was banned from my local ferret club so can't go their shows anymore, this means I can't even give her an apology for annoying her because the shows were my only way of seeing her in person. So I'm basically a rage ball about it because I was gonna gift her something customised along with giving her an apology in person but no that can't happen now....

On the good news of things, I will be going to my friend's first ferret shows in Manchester in September and I'm quite possibly judging some classes there too, I'm really excited :D and can't wait to show Freya there too

08-05-2019, 10:23 AM
Firstly, good luck with the ferret show in Manchester! I hope it goes well for you and that you make new friends.

Regarding your experience with the lady who had your ferrets, if you want to apologise personally but can't, maybe you could send a card in the post, with some words of explanation about your being homeless previously? Somebody must know her address (or the BT Directory online). Just an idea.

Pawtastic Petz
08-05-2019, 10:35 AM
The thing is she knows what my situation at the time was, it's almost like it's been used against me in a way, if you get me? And I don't know her address otherwise I'd of already sent an apology, other thing is the fact I'm not actually in the wrong at all with this situation, she's just annoyed :/

And at the show in Manchester, I'm hoping I don't get bitten if I am judging, occasionally there's aggressive ferrets at shows and last thing I want is puncture wounds on my fingers lol. I'm also hoping to meet up with a friend who I've only met once