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07-04-2019, 11:43 AM
Hi everyone

I’m needing advice and help!! So I keep budgies and rabbits and recently the budgies got red mite... however after all the research I’ve done on this parasite ... I read it can some times affect mammals... I’m not sure what to look out for incase the rabbits are infested:S any advice? The rabbits do get there xeno 450 each month but I’m not sure it’s enough ... please help I don’t want the rabbits suffering as I’m new to keeping birds (I don’t know where the mite came from...) can the mite servive of the rabbits?? What do I do ? I’m currently treating the budgies but I’m still waiting for the vet to get back to me...please anybody with a similar situation please help!!!

07-04-2019, 12:56 PM
Please see: http://mybunny.org/docs/mites.pdf

However, for definitive advice, you definitely should consult your vet about whether preventative treatment of your rabbits is necessary and if so, what form it should take.

By the way, you have not responded to the replies we gave you on your previous thread. See: http://www.animalforum.com/showthread.php/229242-Help!-I-can-t-get-the-dog-into-the-new-car!! We have done our best to help, so an update at least would be appreciated.

07-04-2019, 05:56 PM
I have consulted a vet and for some reason it's taking them ages to get back to me.... So I'm probably going to ask another vet... As I'm unsure should I do something for the rabbits or not?
In response to yr second paragraph, I apologise for not responding, I've just been so busy recently I forgot! But I did state 'Any advice is appreciated!'. Usually I say this or 'thanks in advance' just Incase I forget answer back! Rest assured your comments are appreciated!! I do read them and take the advice!! As I find it hard always replying....

10-16-2019, 03:28 AM
I know that a rabbit parasitiform tick may be. These ticks prefer places with sparse hair, for example, on the back of the head, ears, but can, in principle, be anywhere. These mites are also dangerous for rabbits. These small insects can be found in grass, hay, leaves, on the skin of the host or other domestic animals. If the tick bit the rabbit, the clinical picture may look like this:
- the bite site is swollen and / or reddened
- itching at the site of the bite, which leads to combing and local inflammation
- with a strong dominance of ticks on the site of bites, hair can fall out and crusts form
- symptoms of HBV and myxomatosis
- Symptoms of borelliosis and meningoencephalitis.
Individual ticks need to be removed with tweezers, grabbing the insect right by the skin by the head, and remove it with twisting movements. It is better to burn a tick by firing the same lighter.
Just never fill the tick with oil, alcohol, ointment or any other means !!!