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04-05-2019, 11:31 AM
Hello All, I just got a Goldendoodle (Seagrave) Puppy a month who. I want him to be able to ride in the car with me, but every trip so far he gets carsick. We travel extensively in the summer months so I need to get him into this as soon as possible. Can I give him anything to stop the throwing up l? I donít want to knock him out just want him to enjoy the car.
Roger P.

04-06-2019, 12:55 AM
Welcome Seagrave! *Hello!*

There are actually a few different anti-nausea medications that can be given to animals to help those who are car sick. You can see them at this link https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dogs-and-motion-sickness#1

I'd recommend that you go talk to your veterinarian before your next trip, as they will be able to discuss if medication is your best option. If you don't want to jump directly to medications, you may just need to keep a window down in the car for your dog, or take pretty regular breaks. Animal motion sickness is very similar to that in people, so some of the same tricks may help.

Also, it is worth stating that you shouldn't give your dog any human medications without consulting your veterinarian first. The dosages may be different which could be really harmful for Seagrave! After having a consult with you veterinarian, they will be able to quite easily give you any motion sickness medications. I also hope that you wouldn't have to 'knock him out', that sounds quite unpleasant.

Anywho best of luck with getting Seagrave comfortable with travelling :) We would love for you to head over to the introduce yourself section of the forum and say hi. Do you have any other pets who accompany your travels?