View Full Version : Help ID droppings found in garden?

06-24-2018, 11:08 AM
I've been finding these wierd scats/poop in the garden for the last week and just cannot figure out what's doing them! I know it's gross to ask but I've done so much looking on the Internet and can't find an answer!

I've attached a photo of what the scat looks like beside my pen which is 4 inches. They always are black with white. They can vary in size the the size of yr thumb. I find a lot of them in my garden just recently. I mainly wanna know what's doing as I want to know are they harmful to do or rabbits? Could they carry parasites or worms? Ewww!
Facts that I know

Facts on scat that I know
Animal is nocturnal or is up erly mourning
They are usually around edges of grass
I cants see no evidence of animal being there!
No smell
Vary in size but are always under the size of yr thumb
Always black and white

I'd appreciate any help with id-ing this I just can't find the answer. I'm mainly concerned is there an animal living in my garden and can it be harmful to my rabbits and dog. Thanks in advance.
Note: apologies for my writing ! Written in a hurry
I hope the picture uploaded......