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Frolicking Ferrets
11-15-2017, 02:58 PM
Been awhile since I posted anything on this forum, I've just kinda been lurking mainly. Anyway here's an update on the ferrets. I currently have 10 some you'll be familiar with, others you won't be so ill post pics of them so you know who's who.

My now oldest ferret is Margo, she's 8 years old and I rescued her a few weeks ago along with Fergie from a farm who had no clue how to look after ferrets properly. Margo was skinny and had irritating looking skin on her nipples so since I was in the middle of a food transition with all my others (switched them all to raw and whole prey now) I thought I'd get her on the new diet right away because she has only half her teeth so finds it difficult to eat the kibble she was on, she's been eating plenty of the new diet and is slowly starting to gain weight now and has grown a beautiful winter coat, it's so soft and glossy too!

Then there's Nancy who's been with me since before I was on this forum, she's the 4 year old albino that's half deaf

Jimmy is my other albino, he's also been with me since before I was on this forum too. He's my biggest ferret and is the best one to hunt with, he loves it!

And Willow you should be familiar with if you've been on the forum for awhile as she's another that I've had since I was first on the forum, I've had her the longest out of all of these, she's the same age a Jimmy, 3.
She is the alpha ferret now too!

This is Fergie the other girl I rescued when I rescued Margo. Fergie bites out of fear as she was either abused before I got her or simply not handled enough, whichever it is, she doesn't trust people and is only just warming up to me. She's stopped hiding from me now and will come up to me for a fuss but still bites but not as bad as she did when I first got her a few weeks ago. I think in another couple of months she'll be fully tame or at least fully trusting in me at least.

This big silver blaze boy is Watson, he is from another breeder local to me but uses completely unrelated lines to me so his ferrets are compatible with mine

I also have Watson's sister Smokii too, she's a silver mitt and I swear she has too much energy as she never sits still. I'm surprised this photo of her isn't blurred to be honest!

Next is a really tiny girl that I got from a friend after she rescued her from a bad backyard breeder, her breeder was going to kill her due to her small size but luckily Alison took her and then gave her to me and yes she hasn't grown much but she thriving and is a happy healthy tiny girl :)

This is Sherlock, if you've looked on another thread of mine you'll know who he is, he's Willow's son. Not so small anymore now is he

And the youngest furbaby if mine is Scylla who is Jimmy's daughter, and her mum died when she was just 3 weeks old so she's lucky that Willow had babies at the time as I don't think she'd be here if it wasn't for Willow taking care of her at the young age she was when her mother Bandit died...... She's grown up to be one of the loveliest ferrets I've ever known :)

11-28-2017, 02:28 AM
Thanks for all the fascinating update on your ferrets/polecat hybrid. I particularly remember Bandit (maybe the name is unusual) and Willow. You have a large animal family now!

04-09-2019, 04:06 PM
funny thread name, stinky slinky XD

love the pictures thanks so much for sharing, all your stinkies are beautiful

09-18-2019, 05:30 AM
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