View Full Version : closest dog breed to a wolf??

Paw Campus
08-09-2017, 12:45 AM
I think Czech wolfdog Is it right, do u know some other breeds??

08-09-2017, 03:27 PM
The best information is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfdog

Kindly note that wolf-dog hybrids are illegal in some USA states and in some other countries of the world. Rabies vaccine may not be effective with hybrids, so there are risks involved. See http://thebark.com/content/do-wolfdogs-make-good-pets

Opinion is divided about whether the very idea of such a hybrid is a good idea, as wolf-dogs can display unexpected, sudden changes of behaviour and are capable of aggression. I personally would not recommend having one.

Paw Campus
08-10-2017, 12:39 AM
Useful link @LPC and Tq for the info.

09-02-2020, 10:27 AM
I think the closest is German Shepherd