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04-19-2017, 09:13 AM
Hi all from me and Sunny,

A few days ago at the park my Staffy was playing ball at the field near us, I then noticed blood on the ball and thought it was from his mouth, both me and my partner checked him and could not see any blood coming from his mouth, we then noticed a leaf with bloody so checked his paws. His front left paw carpal pad was sliced, (not fully but half way), he wasn't limping or anything, infact he only noticed once we were home, ready to "treat" him as it was Easter weekend and the vets were closed, he was and is still very playfull and happy. I finally got an appointment with the vets and he looked at it advised that it was not infected (which I was relived), done the dressing and gave me some antibiotics for him. He also said to go back today, 19/04/2017, and hopefully that would start healing fine and start to get stuck by itself as they cannot stitch it up, he also said worse case scenario they would have to cut the rest off and it will grow back...I am worried as I do not want them to cut it off and really hoping it is healing well!!

Has anyone been in a similar situation and did the pad grow back at all?

I have attached 2 pics, I hope this is ok but that's the only way I could get you guys to see what I mean but it all and the sliced pad!

Thank you in advance

Mon & Sunny xx


Frolicking Ferrets
04-24-2017, 02:55 AM
Hello there, not ever experienced this but my dog has cut her pad straight through the middle before on a piece of glass while digging in some dirty while on a walk. Too awhile to stop bleeding but the vets couldn't stitch it closed either. So they bandaged it up and gave me antibiotics for her and over a few weeks, it slowly healed, when it had finished healing, there was no scar or marks where the wound was.